Unit conversion table

Input unit Output unit Multiplier Units Source Reference Notes
g kg 0.001 kg/g   N/A  
m3 mmBtu 0.0353 mmBtu/m3 Natural Gas Source HV not specified, assumed HHV
mmBtu Short ton 0.0572 Short ton/mmBtu Wood Source HHV; 17.48 mmBtu/short ton provided
mmBtu kWh 293.07 kWh/mmBtu      
lb g 453.592 g/lb      
MWh kWh 1000 kWh/MWh      
GJ mmBtu 0.947817 mmBtu/GJ      
GJ TJ 1000 TJ/GJ      
MT kg 1000 kg/MT      
kWh kJ 3600 kJ/kWh      
kWh MJ 3.6 MJ/kWh      
kWh GJ 0.0036 GJ/kWh      
m3 L 1000 L/m3      
gal L 3.78541 L/gal      
ft3 gal 7.48052 gal/ft3      
kg lb 2.20462 lb/kg      
gge lb 5.66 lb/gge CNG Source LHV
gge scf 123.57 scf/gge CNG Source LHV
scf lb 0.045804 lb/scf CNG Source Derived from lb/gge and lb/scf; LHV
scf mmBtu 0.000485 mmBtu/scf Landfill gas Source HHV
gal mmBtu 0.092 mmBtu/gal LPG Source HHV
gal mmBtu 0.138 mmBtu/gal

No. 2 fuel oil

Source HHV
gal mmBtu 0.15 mmBtu/gal

No. 6 fuel oil

Source HHV
gal mmBtu 0.135 mmBtu/gal Kerosene Source HHV
lb Btu 21000 Btu/lb Natural Gas Source HHV; average of values provided by source
kWh Btu 3412.14 Btu/kWh      
mi km 1.60934 km/mi      
lb Btu 21406 Btu/lb LPG Source HV not specified, assumed HHV; average of propane and butane
gal lb 4.297860413 lb/gal LPG Derived  

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